Camden County Public Library follows the below policy for lost and damaged library items:

  • Library items that are lost or returned damaged beyond use are charged at the replacement cost of the item.
  • The library charges a $2.00 fee to cover the cost of processing replacement items or recovering or replacing lost ones.
  • If the patron decides to purchase the replacement item themselves, the item must be exactly like the original.  No substitutions.
  • Library items that are kept overdue for one year after the due date, will be assumed lost and will automatically be marked on the patron’s account.
  • Once a lost or damaged item has been paid by the patron, no refunds are given. The item is now the property of the patron.
  • The patron may keep any damaged items for which they have paid or donate to the library’s used book sale (determining the condition of the damage).
  • Any overdue fines incurred on lost or damaged item will be waived when patron pays for a replacement.
  • The replacement cost of any Inter-library loan items that are lost or damaged will be determined by the loaning library policies. This may include additional fees beyond the cost of the lost item.

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