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  • Permit System:
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    • Applications & links are below.
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On this page are listed the applications & forms used for building permits and for land use / zoning.  For building permits, find your permit type in the list below and click on the associated link.  Permit requirements are listed on each individual permit type page.  If you are unsure of what type of permit you need to apply for, check out our Administrative Manual, or contact our office at (252) 338-1919 x 235.

Building Permit Applications & Forms 

Permit Related Memos:

Memos A, & B (information relating to inspections)
Memo V (Appendix V from 2018 NC Building Code - Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs / Spas)

Single Family Dwelling Unit Permits:

Single Family Dwelling - Stick Built, Modular, or Manufactured

House Related Structural Permits:

Accessory Dwelling Unit
Addition to Existing Structure / Building
Attached Garage
Covered Porch
Crawlspace Moisture Control / Encapsulation
Foundation Stabilization
Re-Hab - Full House
Re-Hab - Partial House
Renovation - Major Repair of Structure
Renovation - Major Alteration of Structure
Renovation - Major Improvement to Structure
Repair - Minor Repair of Structure
Repair - Minor Alteration of Structure
Repair - Minor Improvement to Structure

Demolition - Owner Affidavit of Intent Required

Accessory Use Permits:

Detached Garage
Lean To
Pole Barn
Pool / Spa - Above Ground
Pool / Spa - In Ground

Storage Shed / Building
Pool House


Waterway Related Permits:
(Also requires CAMA Permit)


Trade Contractor Related Permits:

Electrical - Repairs, Service Change, etc.
Electrical - Temporary Power Pole
Mechanical - Residential or Commercial HVAC, other Commercial Systems, etc.
Plumbing - Residential or Commercial
Gas - Residential or Commercial LP or Natural Gas Line Installation

Roof Mounted Solar Array

Other Permit Types:

Commercial Building - Contact Planning Department at 252-338-1919 x 232 for details on this permit type.
        Click Here for application for Commercial Building permit type.
Communications Tower - Contact Planning Department at 252-338-1919 x 232 for details on this permit type.

Permit Related Documents / Forms:

Permit Fee Schedule
Fill Permit Application (Required for Dwellings)
Liens NC Website & Walkthrough
Contractor Trade Affidavit
LP / Natural Gas Contractor Affidavit
Workers Compensation Affidavit
Blank Energy Forms
Blank Termite Affidavit
Blank Culvert & Ditch Certification Form
Memos A &B (information relating to inspections)
Memo V (Appendix V from 2018 NC Building Code - Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs / Spas)


Trade Contractor Affidavit

Trade Contractors doing work in conjunction with Master Permits, Click Here to download the Trade Affidavit form.

The purpose of the Trade Affidavit form is to verify the contractor and/or company doing the Trade Work (i.e. electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.) under a Master Permit. Generally speaking, Master Permits are those where the General Contractor has paid for all trade permits on a job such as the building of or addition to a single family dwelling or other such building / project. Trade Affidavits are NOT an application for stand-alone work. If you are doing stand-alone work, please click the link for Trade Contractor Permits above.

If you have questions about which form to use, call 252-338-1919 x 235.

Inspection Requests

Our Inspections Section has a new phone extension for Inspection Requests:  Please call 252-338-1919 ext 350 to request an inspection, or you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Permit Fee Estimate

Below is a link to our Permit Fee Estimator, which is based on the total Square Footage of your proposed Stick Built House or Modular Dwelling.  This estimator is only for these two permit types.  We charge for all built out spaces, so total square footage should include all floors of proposed dwelling, as well as garage, frog, deck, etc.  General rule of thumb is if you can walk in it, on it, or under it, it must be inspected, and so it's included in permit fees.   All other permit types, please call us at 252-338-1919 x 235 for fee information.

Click Here To Get a Permit Fee Estimate

Lien Agent Appointment - Required for Select Permit Types / Situations:

Property owner, or as typical with permit applications, the contractor on their behalf, must appoint a lien agent when they first contract for improvements to real property.  A lien agent is a title insurer or agent also registered as a lien agent with the NC Department of Insurance.  This is required with a few exceptions.

Click Here to see if your project requires the designation of a lien agent. 

Click Here for a walk-through regarding how to appoint a lien agent.

Fill Permit Required for MOST Permits:

As of March 1, 2021, a Fill Permit FEE is REQUIRED for ALL New Builds of Single Family Dwellings, to include Stick Built, Modular, and Manufactured Homes. Fee of $50 is required for the aforementioned SFD types.  Accessory Permit types also require a Fill Permit, at a reduced rate, depending on type of permit, size of proposed building, and lot size whereupon structure is placed. For more information regarding this requirement, please call (252) 338-1919 x 232.

Below is the link to the Fill Permit form.  When filling out this form, please be as specific as you can.  Include details regarding both septic fill and house pad fill (volume and dimensions of fill area), as well as any additional fill planned.

Fill Permit Application


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