The Camden County Board of Commissioners held public hearings and voted to approve an ordinance establishing a stormwater program and fee to conduct clearing and snagging maintenance activities on the County’s major streams and ditches, and perhaps some dredging where permitted by the Army Corp of Engineers.  The objective is to keep the downstream and forested areas clear of debris that impedes free flowing drainage.  Property owners and NCDOT will still be responsible for maintaining roadside ditches, farm ditches/canals, and other ditches on their property.

The program will be guided by Stormwater Advisory Committees appointed by the Board of Commissioners in each of the County’s four (4) watersheds.  They will identify key areas for maintenance activities each year, recommend the annual budget, and oversee the program.  Soil and Water Conservation staff will actually conduct the daily operations, and Planning staff will assist with administrative activities.

In order to pay for the program property owners will pay a Stormwater Utility Fee based and the size of their property and the amount of impervious surface on the property (rooftops, driveways, parking area, storage buildings, barns, etc.).  Since the payment is that of a fee rather than a tax, no properties are exempt; however the method of billing and collections will be through a new entry an each tax notice.

The fee rates will differ in each of the 4 watersheds and the revenue generated will only be used for activities within that watershed. 

Click Here for the Approved Stormwater Fee Rate Schedule.

For more information contact the Planning Department (252-338-1919 x 263) or the Soil and Water Conservationist (252-338-1919 x 262).