The following links are to the American Legal website, which hosts Camden County's Code of Ordinances.

The first link is to the home page of the Code of Ordinances, the second link is to the Unified Development Ordinance Chapter 151.
PLEASE NOTE:  Due to issues on American Legal's website, you must click the first link then click your back button before the second link will work.  This has to do with loading a template which only loads from their main page or the other linked sections of code will not load properly.

Camden County Code of Ordinances, Home Page$f=templates$3.0&vid=amlegal:camdenco_nc


Camden County Unified Development Ordinance Chapter 151$fn=altmain-nf.htm$q=[field%20folio-destination-name:%27Chapter%20151%27]$x=Advanced#JD_Chapter151