What is Zoning?

Webster's Dictionary defines Zoning as "to partition (a city, borough, or township [or county]) by ordinance into sections reserved for different purposes (as in residential or business uses)."

Zoning Districts Established in Camden County

Permissible Uses and Principal Use Table
(formerly Permissible Use Table)

See Article 151.4 Use Regulations, Section 4.3.10 Principal Use Table 
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Planning a Business, Development, or Land Use??

Application for Zoning Change Request

For more information regarding this form and how to apply for a zoning change, please contact the Zoning Administrator at 252-338-1919 x 232.


Code Enforcement

Our Zoning Administrator is also our Code Enforcement Officer...  If you have any issues and would like to request code enforcement action to be taken, please download and fill out the form below.  You can then either fax it to us (252-333-1603), email it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or bring it to us in person.