Use this form for:

  • Major or Minor Renovations, Repairs, and Improvements to Existing Structures
  • This form is not for new builds of stick built houses, modular or mobile home dwellings.  For building permits for dwellings, click the 'Building Permits' link on the menu above and to the left, and select the appropriate project type.

Click Here for Application Form (Instructions).

Be sure you submit any required supplemental documents with your application.


  • Type permit information into the text-box fields on the form, make selections from drop down boxes and/or any appropriate check-boxes.
  • Fill in what you know, anything you don't know - leave blank. Please note that items with a red border are required.
    • If a required item is not applicable, either select or type N/A or place a zero (0) in the field.
    • If a required item is unknown, enter 5 nines (99999) in the field if numeric field, or type "unknown".
  • Most permits require supplemental documents such as site plans, building plans, and so forth.
    • Supplemental documents required for this permit type are listed below.
    • If you want to email your application package, scan your supplemental documents to pdf or take jpg picture of each page using a camera or smartphone.
    • If you submit your application via email, be sure to include your supplemental documents in your email.  Otherwise bring a printed copy of all supplemental documents when you bring your application to the Planning Department.
  • Be sure to sign and date your application
  • Once you have filled out the form and created digital files of the supplemental documents, email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for processing.
  • We will notify you via email or phone when your permit is ready for pickup.

Saving Your Work to Continue Later:

Saving data may or may not be supported via your browser's pdf reader add-on.  If you have Adobe Pro or Adobe Reader DC, you can save or download the form and fill it out locally on your computer.  Local copies may be saved.  Saved copies of the fillable form may be emailed, although it is recommended to print your application to a pdf using a print-to-pdf program. 

Supplemental Documents Required for Permit:

  • Internal Site Plan Drawing (what's changing in the area being renovated)
  • Sketch of Dimensions (required) and Building Plans (if applicable)
  • CAMA Permit (Waterfront property only)
    • Contact info for Coastal Area Management Agency:
      • Field Representative:  Lynn Mathis
      • 401 S. Griffin Street, Elizabeth City, NC, 27909
      • Phone:  (252) 264-3901, Fax:  (252) 331-2951
  • Septic Permit (obtain from Camden County Health Department)
    • Contact Person: Kevin Carver or David Sweeny
    • P. O. Box 72, 160 US Hwy 158 East #B, Camden, NC, 27921
    • Phone: (252) 338-4460, Fax: (252) 338-4475
    • Contact info for Camden County Health Dept.:
  • All Taxes MUST be Paid on Property PRIOR to Application.
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Building Inspector

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