Manufactured Single, Double, or Triplewide Mobile Home

Obtain and Supply the Following WITH Application Forms

  • Site Plan Drawing
  • Building Plans (Setup Manual)
  • Elevation Certificate (if in a flood zone)
  • CAMA Permit (Waterfront property only)
    • Contact info for Coastal Area Management Agency:
      • Field Representative: Lynn Mathis
      • 401 S. Griffin Street, Elizabeth City, NC, 27909
      • Phone: (252) 264-3901, Fax: (252) 331-2951
  • Septic Permit (obtain from Camden County Health Department)
    • Contact info for Camden County Health Dept.:
      • Contact Person: Kevin Carver or David Sweeny
      • P. O. Box 72, 160 US Hwy 158 East #B, Camden, NC, 27921
      • Phone: (252) 338-4460, Fax: (252) 338-4475
  • All Taxes on Property Must Be Paid PRIOR to Application
  • Water Tap Fee Must Be Paid (or proof of existing water tap provided) PRIOR to Application
    • For Addresses in Camden and Shiloh:  Camden County Water Department
      • Contact Person: Dawn Lowry
      • 117 NC 343 North, Camden, NC, 27921
      • Phone: (252) 338-1919 x 236
    • For addresses in South Mills:  South Mills Water Association
      • Contact Person: Regina Russell
      • 103 Halstead Street, South Mills, NC, 27976
      • Phone: (252) 771-5620

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Use this form for the following types of building permits

  • Modular Home
  • Singlewide, Doublewide, or Triplewide Mobile Home

This form is not for stick built dwellings, or any other project that is not a modular or manufactured dwelling. For these types of projects, click the 'Permits' button on the toolbar above, and select the appropriate project type.

FORM INSTRUCTIONS: Type permit information into the textbox fields on the form, also click any appropriate checkboxes. Fill in what you know, anything you don't know - leave blank. To print, click the "View & Print Application" button on the form. This will open a new window with your information typed on a printable form.

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: Margins for printing the form are as follows: 0.5 Left, 0.5 Right, 0.5 Top, and 0.6 Bottom or less, in order to ensure proper printing. Set your margins as indicated by going into the page setup of your browser. Perform a print preview to make sure all areas of the form will print on each page as intended. If using Internet Explorer 7.0 or up, use print preview and the 'shrink to fit' feature to ensure that this 5-page form prints on 5 pages as intended. Be sure to save or print a copy of the printable form for your records (after having clicked "View & Print Application", there are buttons on form for print and save).

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Building Inspector

Barbara Rhoads Chief Building Inspector P.O. Box 74, 117 North NC 343 Camden, NC 27921 (252) 338-1919 x227