Closed Crawlspace Moisture Control Permit

This Permit Type Applies to:

  • Moisture Control for Closed Crawlspaces

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Additional Information (Documentation):

Permit Required For Closed Crawlspace Moisture Control

Licensure Information

Penalty for Failure to Obtain Necessary Permit:

Per NC 2012 Administrative Code, a permit is REQUIRED for ANY change to the Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical systems. Installation of Moisture Control Systems into a Closed Crawlspace by definition includes at least 2 of these. Failure to obtain a building permit prior to commencement of work requiring a permit shall cause the Camden County Building Inspector to issue a Stop Work Order, and a fine of no less than $75 to be assessed, said fine to be paid either prior to or in conjunction with permit fee at time of application.



  • Type permit information into the text-box fields on the form, make selections from drop down boxes, also click any appropriate check-boxes.
  • Fill in what you know, anything you don't know - leave blank. Please note that items with a red asterisk (*) are required. 
    • If a required item is not applicable, either select or type N/A or place a zero (0) in the field.
  • Most permits require supplemental documents such as site plans, building plans, and so forth.
    • Supplemental documents required for this permit type:
      • Affidavit of Signature (download blank file from link then fill out and snap picture or scan to pdf or jpg). 
    • Scan your supplemental documents to pdf or take jpg picture of each page using a camera or smartphone. 
    • Upload your supplemental documents in the section for each type of document.  Multiple file uploads are supported for each type of document.
  • The "Affidavit of Signature" file is how you will sign your application.  This form is required.  You cannot submit your application without it.
  • Once you have filled out the form and uploaded the supplemental documents, click the submit button.  Any missing items will be highlighted.  If your submission is successful, you will see a screen thanking you for your submission.
  • We will notify you via email when your permit is ready for pickup.

Please Note: 

Form data is not persistent.  If you fill out part of the form and leave the page you will have to start over.  The form does not save data entered into it.  Your permit data must be entered and submitted in the same session.  We recommend reviewing the required supplemental documentation section first, gathering all your data, then filling out the form and submitting it.

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