Closed Crawlspace Moisture Control Permit

This Permit Type Applies to:

  • Moisture Control for Closed Crawlspaces

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Additional Information (Documentation):

Permit Required For Closed Crawlspace Moisture Control

Licensure Information

Penalty for Failure to Obtain Necessary Permit:

Per NC 2012 Administrative Code, a permit is REQUIRED for ANY change to the Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical systems. Installation of Moisture Control Systems into a Closed Crawlspace by definition includes at least 2 of these. Failure to obtain a building permit prior to commencement of work requiring a permit shall cause the Camden County Building Inspector to issue a Stop Work Order, and a fine of no less than $75 to be assessed, said fine to be paid either prior to or in conjunction with permit fee at time of application.

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Building Inspector

Barbara Rhoads Chief Building Inspector P.O. Box 74, 117 North NC 343 Camden, NC 27921 (252) 338-1919 x227