Board of Commissioners

  • Ross B. Munro - Chairman
  • Tiffney White - Vice Chair
  • Tom White
  • Randy Krainiak
  • Clayton D. Riggs
  • Erin Burke - County Manager
  • Karen Davis - Clerk of the Board
  • John S. Morrison - County Attorney

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for your interest in the History and Culture of Camden County.  Below are links to several Camden County historical resources.

Click here for information regarding the following:

  1. "South Mills" - General History of the Northern Township of Camden County
  2. "Camden" - General History of the County Seat Township
  3. "Shiloh" - General History of the Southern Township of Camden County
  4. "The Historic Camden County Courthouse" - Brief History of the Courthouse
  5. "Camden - County of Opportunity" - Historical highpoints of Camden County
  6. "Education in Camden" - Educational History of Camden County
  7. "Wade Point Lighthouse" - Brief History of Pasquotank River's own Lighthouse
  8. (lighthouse no longer exists, building was destroyed - see handout for more details)
  9. "Celebrating a Gateway" - Daily Advance Article from August 9, 2006 about the Floating Road
  10. "You might be a 'Swampneck'!" - Information about the Dismal Swamp Canal and Welcome Center.

Also check out: