Q. What is the date range of birth and death certificates available at the Register of Deeds office?

A. Camden County birth and death records from 1913 to the present are available. There are also Delayed Birth Records that date a little further back.

Q. If I was born in Camden County and adopted, is my original birth record available?

A. No. North Carolina law prohibits public inspection of any adoption records, including original birth records.

Q. How can I obtain a copy of a birth certificate?

A. Anyone can get an uncertified copy. Only certain individuals can get a certified copy and you must first remit the necessary information required by law. All births and deaths are recorded in the county where the event took place. Camden County Register of Deeds office has birth certificates for Camden County only. To obtain a birth certificate by mail, submit your request to Camden Register of Deeds, PO Box 64 Camden NC 27921 or download the Vital Records Certified Form on the Home Page. Requests for birth certificates must include the full name of the person named on the certificate, their date of birth, father's full name, and mother's full maiden name. To obtain a birth certificate in person, present a valid form of identification.

Q. How much does it cost for a copy of a birth or death certificate?

A. Birth and Death certificates are $10.00 per certified copy and $0.20 for each uncertified copy. The Camden Register of Deeds office accepts checks and money orders by mail, payable to Camden Register of Deeds. You may also pay in cash if paying in person.

Q. What are acceptable forms of identification?

A. Drivers license with photograph, State-issued identification card, military identification card with photograph, or a current school identification card with photograph. Agents, attorneys, or legal representatives must also furnish documentation of authority in order to receive a certified certificate on an individual.

Q. What is Delayed Birth Certificates?

A. A person born in Camden County who is more than 1 year old and for whom a birth certificate is not registered may file an application for a delayed certificate of birth. NC Vital Records must conduct a search to ensure that no certificate is on file. If no birth record is located, a "No Record Found" letter is issued. Take this letter to Camden County Register of deeds when you request the delayed birth certificate. The applicant will be required to provide documents proving the facts of birth. The fee is $20.00, which includes a certified copy, payable by cash or money order made to the Camden County Register of Deeds Office. In addition, NC Vital Records charges an extra $15.00 to expedite fee payable by money order to process as soon as possible. Camden County Register of Deeds Office will forward the application to NC Vital Records for final processing. This is a time consuming process.

Q. What does "Record Removed" or "Record Deleted" appearing in the child's name mean?

A. "Record Removed" or "Record Deleted" means that these birth records are removed from the Camden County Register of Deeds office and forwarded to the State Vital Statistics office where they are not open to public inspection by North Carolina law.

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