This part of the South Camden Water and Sewer District is staffed with a supervisor and an operator which works from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. The department can also be called after hours for emergencies.

The state requires an ORC (operator in responsible charge) with a B certification and a CS2 (collection system 2 certification).

The duties vary from:

  • Reading meters
  • Installing meters
  • Replacing meters
  • Meter boxes
  • Installing new services
  • Valve maintenance
  • Cut customers on or off

They also are in view of the customer and handle complaints from pressure problems, high usage, leaks and smell of the water. They are responsible for marking the location of the water and sewer lines for contractors to dig safely. This action helps to prevent unnecessary damage that would need to be repaired by the staff.

This department also maintains an inventory of parts and does preventative maintenance on the equipment from trucks, backhoes, pumps and generators. They also help insure the quality of the water by flushing water lines and collecting chlorine samples daily required by the state. The state also requires bacteriological testing monthly and yearly samples of lead and copper, THM in the system.