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01 - 07 March, 2020
March 02
  • 07:00pm  Board of Commissioners

    All Regular Meetings are held in the Upstairs Historic Courtroom located at 117 North 343, Camden County, North Carolina, 27921.

    Special accommodations for the disabled who would like to attend public meetings can be made by contacting the Clerk to the Board at least 24 hours in advance at 252-338-6363.

March 05
  • 09:00am  Board of Commissioners - Annual Retreat

    The Camden County Board of Commissioners will hold its Annual Board Retreat on March 5, 2020 at 9:00 AM.  The Retreat will be held at the Camden County Library, located at 104 Investor’s Way, Camden, NC 27921.  The Board will receive updates in regard to ongoing projects and may consider taking action on future projects.