The following are documents / information pertaining to this project

Developer Name: A & B Building, Inc. (Adam Maurice)

Project Status: Preliminary Plat Approved, Not Yet Applied for Final Plat

UDO Number Application Stage Planning Board
/ Action / Date
BOC Action / Date
N/A Rezoning - Not Needed, Complies With Current Zoning. N/A N/A
Sketch Plan
Staff Report     Map
Approve, 5-0
See Minutes
3-15-17, Pg 7
Approved, 5-0
See Minutes
5-1-17, Pg 11-15

And 5-1-17, Pg 25
Preliminary Plat
Staff Report     Maps
Approve, 5-1
See Minutes
3-21-18, Pg 2-11
Approved, 4-0
See Minutes
6-4-18, Pg 22-34

And 6-4-18, Pg 50-51

Final Plat - Approved Administratively by staff, March 30, 2020.

Plat recorded in Camden County Register of Deeds, Plat Cabinet 9, Page 009.

Per change in UDO effective 2-4-2019, Final Plats are no longer required to go before governmental boards.

Not Required. Not Required.