The County of Camden is currently seeking proposals to establish a pre-need, pre-event contract with a qualified and experienced firm specializing in Debris Monitoring and Recovery Services to support the oversight and management of debris recovery contractors during catastrophic events.

The RFP, including detailed specifications and procedures required for response are available in the following link below. A response to each entity’s RFP should be made as specified in the RFP on or before August 16, 2019.

1. The RFP shows a list of scoring criteria; however no weights or points are allocated for each. Would the County please provide the weighted value of each criteria listed on page 19, in order to clarify how proposals will be scored?

See attached.

2. We are kindly requesting that the County waives all of the Bonding requirements as the Federal procurement regulations in 2 CFR §200.325 only recommends bonding requirements for construction or facility improvements contracts. 2 CFR 200.325 states the following:

§200.325 Bonding requirements. Forconstruction or facility improvement contracts or subcontracts exceeding the Simplified Acquisition Threshold, the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity may accept the bonding policy and requirements of the non-Federal entity provided that the Federal awarding agency or passthrough entity has made a determination that the Federal interest is adequately protected. If such a determination has not been made, the minimum requirements must be as follows:

a. A bid guarantee from each bidder equivalent to five (5%) percent of the bid price. The ‘‘bid guarantee’’ must consist of a firm commitment such as a bid bond, certified check, or other negotiable instrument accompanying a bid as assurance that the bidder will, upon acceptance of the bid, execute such contractual documents as may be required within the time specified.

b. A performance bond on the part of the contractor for 100 percent of the contract price. A ‘‘performance bond’’ is one executed in connection with a contract to secure fulfillment of all the contractor’s obligations under such contract.

c. A payment bond on the part of the contractor for 100 percent of the contract price. A ‘‘payment bond’’ is one executed in connection with a contract to assure payment as required by law of all persons supplying labor and material in the execution of the work provided for in the contract

The County/City will waive all the Bonding requirements.

3. Please explain specifically how the pricing of one proposal will be evaluated against the pricing from another proposal, including the answer to these questions:

a. Will each pricing proposal be analysed and refined to become one total number which can then be compared to the other proposals?


b. Will extended totals (unit price multiplied by estimated quantity) be used to evaluate pricing, and if so, what estimated quantities and what line items will be used to derive the extended totals that will be evaluated?


c. Will all pricing line items be evaluated equally or will some line items receive more importance in the evaluation?

Some line items will receive more importance in the evaluation based on what we anticipate may be most needed in our area.


4. Could you please provide the bid tabulations/contract pricing from the previous bidding cycle? 

See answer to previous posted question.

5. Who is the County’s incumbent debris monitoring services provider? Was the company activated following Hurricane Florence? Can you provide a copy of the current vendor’s fee schedule?

The County/City’s Debris Monitoring Contract has expired.  We are no longer under contract with any company.  We were not affected by Hurricane Florence and therefore did not need to activate our contract.