• See Manufacturing Zoning Districts Ordinance Language, § 151.032
  • The I-1, light industrial, district is designed to provide space for industries, wholesaling and warehouse facilities and some related service establishments which can be operated in a relatively clean and quiet manner and which will not be obnoxious to adjacent residential or commercial districts.
    • The regulations are designed to prohibit the use of land for heavy industry which should properly be separated from other uses and to prohibit any use which would substantially interfere with the development and operation of other industrial establishments in the district. The two districts are distinguished in that certain types of manufacturing uses that tend to have significant adverse impacts on surrounding properties are excluded from the I-1 district and are made permissible only within the I-2 district.
    • These uses are listed in § 151.325 through § 151.334.
  • The I-2, heavy industrial, district is designed to provide an area in which the principal use of land is for heavy industries that by their nature may create some nuisance and which are not properly associated with nor compatible with most residential, commercial and service establishments.