Road Closure

Monday, May 21st, NCDOT will begin bridge work in the area of 149 Sailboat Road in Camden County. May 21 - 22 there will be one lane access only in the area and on May 23 the road will be completely closed to all traffic. This closure will begin at 9:00 pm on May 23rd and reopen by 6:00 am on May 24th.

There are approximately 145 residences/businesses affected by this closure, therefore the following emergency plan has been put into place for the period of closure:

  • An unmanned ambulance will be staged on the east side of the closure and should an emergency occur the ambulance will meet NCDOT staff at the work site to be transported across to the staged ambulance then continue to the scene, retrieve the patient and then be transported by NCDOT back to their unit at the closure are for response to the hospital.
  • A fire truck will staged on the east side of the closure for emergency response. Responding personnel will be transported across the work site by NCDOT to the staged fire truck and additional personnel will be assisted to the scene by NCDOT workers.
  • An unmanned Camden County Sheriff's Office vehicle will be staged on the east side of the closure and should an emergency occur a deputy will respond to work site and be transported by NCDOT staff to the staged vehicle and then continue to the incident.
  • NCDOT will be provided a VIPER radio for communications with Central Communications so they can be notified immediately of any emergency call in the affected area and be ready to transport emergency personnel upon their arrival.